When considering our opportunities to strive for the highest level of quality it is important to believe in ourselves, but also never be completely satisfied.


To work with wines is a way of life: a creative undertaking, a challenge, sometimes bringing difficulties, but, mostly - happiness. The biggest reward is the winemaker becoming a Wine Enthusiast over the years.

It is, however, not necessary to be a winemaker in order to become a Wine Enthusiast, but, unfortunately, not all winemakers are Wine Enthusiasts. A Wine Enthusiast tastes without prejudice and roams Gastronomy and Arts with the same open heart. The person aiming for openness in their human relations alike, is certainly going in happiness.



As most of us have a favorite singer, composer, writer or painter - a natural and important matter in our lives – so is having a favorite dish or wine.

If sufficient time is devoted to its discovery and preconceptions set aside in doing so - often a difficult task  - we will find and distinguish our real values and meaning.

To be active participants of this millennium, we have to progress with an eye on the future while harvesting the values created by our ancestors. Keeping in mind the record of good examples, we unite our energies and produce real value while it is  our turn.

No one will assign the correct path for us, each must recognize it in their individual self. The individuals journey may be helped, if we become Wine Enthusiasts.